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(no subject)
P9220202P9210197P9190169P9190168P9190166P9180159P9170158P9170156P9190164P9150128I'm putting up the last of my Montauk pics, preparatory to shutting down the laptop until January, when we head South again. Reception being so sporadic out at Montauk, I'm not going to take my laptop back with me. But I'll have my Nook, so I can still get my e-mail. The last 2 pics are of our resident, quarter-sized spider who makes a web between our house and our shed every year and the lovely purple-blue berries on Sue's Beauty Bush, which now grows in my garden.
The pics always come out in the reverse order that I post them in, so the last 2 pics are now the 1st 2. The man with the tent was moving from one site to another. Easy to move when there are no foundations to your home and no furniture inside! The 3 fishing pics are of a man (one of many) standing on one of the off-shore rocks. Sometimes the waves will actually knock them off their rock!
I'm taking my camera back to Montauk with me, but I won't be doing any more posting until we're back home.

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Love the galleon kite!

Isn't that great, with all the little skull and crossbones on every sail and every pennant? There are usually some really unique kites out at Montauk.

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