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(no subject)
have internet connectivity for the first time in a week! Montauk is known for it's remoteness; can't get much of anything here. While I still have connection and can still use the generator for 1/2 hour more, here's some of the pics I've been taking and saving. They are: an original, inside and out, 1955 cozy little camper. I got a tour inside; it was very tiny and very cute.
The next  one is a Tiki bar that two fellows had set up outside their camper on the East end of the campground. Then it's our Welcome Bear, a gift from Patty and Dan when we started camping. Then some massive Tiki statues outside one of the many restaurants in the town. We are trying a lot more of them this year. The last two are of  a Herring Gull who was bathing in the large puddle left by last Thursday's torrential rain.
Don't know if I'll be lucky enough to have reception again before we go home on Sat. We will be home for a week then back here for one more week. It will be COLD at night then; it's already cold now. But many nights, we all (about 20+ of us) sit around a roaring campfire and toast our toes.