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cliffs by the museum
I was still feeling a little under the weather today, but we did some sight-seeing anyway. Went to the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert. We had seen the Petrified Forest some years ago and frankly, it's not that spectacular. Most of the lovely crystals in the logs were stolen long before it became a park, so you're left with a lot of stone logs. Uncut and unpolished, they don't really look like much. So we drove in the Painted Desert; taking in only the first 5 overlooks, as we wanted to go some other places also. We found out from some other tourists that all the AZ state parks are closed, as AZ says it is bankrupt. (As are so many other states, it seems). We rode to Ganado, to the Hubbell Trading Post. It's on the Navajo Reservation; the oldest continuous operating trading post. Had lots of nice stuff; I bought a Navajo grandma doll with her grandson and a book of Edward Curtis' pics of the Indian tribes; the definitive Indian portrait book. Then we stopped at the Navajo Nation Museum on the AZ border. The exhibit was pics by all different Navajo photographers. Then drove to a KOA in Gallup, N.M. We are back in Daylight Savings Time (AZ does not keep it) so we have lost an hour, giving us a 23 hour day. We will go to El Morro National Monument tomorrow. It is VERY WINDY here! On a sadder note, my best friend of 25 years, the big sister I never had, is being released from the hospital to home hospice care today. I shall miss her; we did lots of things together. Painted DesertPainted Desert Inn; now a museuma bird with a bug; not sure what he isthe trading posthogan outside the museummodern day hogan on the reservationover the trading post doorbread oven at the postthe barn; the cat in the bread oven pic leaped up the post by the door and climbed in the top of the barncloseup of barn eaves full of haylong haired post sheep

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Corr, Mum's sending 1/2 the office to Phoenix on Saturday (ash cloud permitting).

I read where that ash cloud is hovering over Ireland again and stopping flights. Wonder if this means we'll have a colder year again this year?

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