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(no subject)
Four new bunnies have come to live in my garden and my house. They used to live in Andy and Sue's house, but Andy kindly gave them to me. P8230030P8230031P8230032P8230033
The 3 small ones join  3 others who watch over my flowers and the pretty girl bun graces my computer room.

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they are all very pretty

Emy-Rose & Finley

The 3 small ones were bought by Auntie Sue. The large one was a gift to Sue from me one Christmas. The flowers in the bunnie's basket lift off; bird seed is supposed to go in the basket. I'm keeping her inside, though, so she won't deteriorate.

Ilove the little girl bunny. :)

Isn't she cute? If I were to put her outside, I would have to spray her with polyurethane every year, so she will continue to be an indoor bun. Her basket is meant to hold birdseed, the flower top lifts off. Her socks are silver, which doesn't show up in the pic. :D

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