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For my honey's birthday, I took him to the YMCA Boulton Theatre to see "Grease". It was an interactive experience! Think "Rocky Horror" with Pink Ladies jackets instead of fishnet stockings and hot rods instead of motorbikes; Danny and Sandy instead of Brad and Janet. We cried into tissues with Sandy, waved racing flags with Danny and threw balloons and streamers at the screen instead of toast and t.p.  Plus there was a look-alike costume show before the movie. It was a lot of fun! 0815131903a
I've only seen Grease on the big screen once before, when it first came out in 1978 (though countless times on t.v.). I took our sons to see it. The caveat was that if they wanted to see the movie at Christmas time, they had to not play the record album for two weeks. They had been playing it every day for several months! Guess that's why I know all the words to the songs!

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It was a fun night! The theatre was almost filled and everybody was getting into it; singing along and using the props we were given at all the right times. They're thinking of making it a yearly event, like "Rocky Horror". Don't know if I'd do it again, but you never know.....

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