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It was hot and sunny today again. I took a few more pics of the female hummingbird on her nest, then I found the male sitting in a nearby tree. I think they are Black-chinned Hummingbirds. Chatted with an Army chaplain who was moving from CA to GA. He and his family of 4 move every year or so. He said it's very hard on the children, who have to leave their friends behind. On our way to Seligman, AZ, we passed a prairie dog sitting on the shoulder of the road; the first one I've seen this trip. We crossed the AZ Divide at 7335' in height. There were patched of snow on the sides of the road. We stopped at Walnut Canyon to take a break. Only walked down to a few overlooks; the trial is very steep with lots of steps and my knees were hurting. We were heading for Homolovi Ruins to camp and see some ancient Indian ruins, but after driving all morning and being almost there, the sigh forthe park had a big orange "CLOSED" sign on it! So we drove 20 miles more and ended up in a KOA in Holbrook, AZ. I rested a lot, because I think I did get too much sun yesterday. Tomorrow we will see some more things in AZ and end up in New Mexico. More tomorrow......Mama birdPapa Hummingbirdthe canyon used to have a river at the bottom but all the water has been diverted to the city of Flagstaffthese are some of the natural caves the Sinagua (without water in Spanish) Indians walled in to live in

Darn, that pic got in twice and I don't know how to remove it. ;pthis lizard obviously didn't read the signthose are some of the 300-odd steps you take to the bottom of the Canyonwe turned around in this store lot when we discovered that Homolovi was closed.there was some nice Indian art on the buildingsthe first 4 were Kachinas; this is a Kokopelli