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(no subject)
Rented "Jesus Christ Superstar" today from FIOS. It's 40 years old but still holds it's own. I like the songs. I remember when my brother sent me the audio tape after he'd seen the play in London when it opened.

Here's something else old: my parent's wedding pic from 1930. Married in church, reception at home; just at the beginning of the Depression here. P8120022

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I didnt realise that your parents wedding caused the depression.

All around them were depressed, but they were laughing and lively. 10 years without children; they could afford to laugh!

I love old family pics! Pictures are the one thing I cannot bring myself to throw out.

Mum did JC with Youth Theatre, she says it was some of the most challenging singing and harmonies she has done!

Lovely photo.


Yes, the songs in JC are very different as far as songs usually go. All are completely unlike one another. They are the story, much more so than the words. My favorite is "I Don't Know How To Love Him".

Glad you liked my pic. I have many, many old pics of my family, some going back to pre-1900 which are on glass negatives.

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