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Just checking to see if I can duplicate posting......P6238134
Seems I have to go to HTML, post the pic, which then comes out in code, then click on visual editor, which brings the pic up the way it should be. These, by the way, are upended Canadian Geese feeding in a lake at a place called Brookwood Hall, near where I live.

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No geese now forus but we used tohave lots and lots. Geese are excellent parents. We watched a bunch grow up.


I believe you could find your geese right here on the Island. We have lawns and landscaped shopping centers and fairly mild winters, so many of the geese do not migrate anymore. They bring on mixed reactions in people; very messy birds as far as goose poop goes. Hard to walk in some of the parks. Sometimes, there are sanctioned goose hunts, with the meat going to shelters. Better than just shooting them for no use at all.

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