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Today was a sunny, clear day. We set out early to drive to the Grand Canyon West, home of the Skywalk that the Hualapi (WOL-uh-pie) indians built so people can walk out on a glass-floored arc 4000' above the Grand Canyon. It is a 27 mile drive in from the main road on a dirt and gravel road, with work trucks and tour buses making lots of dust clouds. We drove thru a very large Joshua Tree forest; there were more here than in Joshua Tree Park. We parked our car at the Ticket area; then took a tour bus to the Skywalk. It was a shuttle bus that you could take to the other attractions on the Hualapi reservation (where the Skywalk is; it's not part of the Grand Canyon Park). We could get on and off the shuttle as much as we liked. We put on our booties and walked out on the glass. It gives you a funny feeling to stand on the glass and look down into the Canyon under your feet. Had our picture taken to show we were there and got 2 certificates to prove it! Then we went to Guano Point on the bus, where there is still the remains of a tram that used to bring bat guano up from a cave in the canyon, to sell for fertilizer. Lots of gorgeous views of the cliffs and the Colorado River way down in the Canyon bottom. Then, took the bus to the Hualapi Ranch, a mock-up of a western town, for a chicken/cole slaw/beans/cornbread/cookie lunch. There was a guitarist who played country songs and a magician who did card tricks. An Hualapi indian sat with us and drew a lovely picture on one of our Skywalk certificates. After lunch, we tried roping metal cows ( I roped his butt) and seeing which of us could beat the other in a handgun draw.(I won). Took the bus back to our car and took the long, dusty road out. On the way, we had to stop for the free range cows crossing the reservation road. Back at camp, I discovered that a hummingbird on her nest is right outside out bedroom window! I love it!Joshua tree forest on the reservationGamyu means welcomeyou can fly into the Canyon in thesethis requires imagination; it's an eagle with it's wings spread; that's why it's called Eagle Point.SkywalkHome of the Eagle how the Hualapi once livedHome of the Hualapiview from Guano PointGuano Point formationthat's a helicopter down thereColorado River at Guano PointPrince's Plumesravens are everywhere in the Canyonour entertainment at lunch the Hualapi who decorated our certificatehis lovely art workthe Hualapi Ranchother side of the streetroping the bullthe fast draw kingsome free range cows we met on the road outa nice longhornprickley poppy on the road to Kingmanthe hummingbird nest; about 3" acrossblack throated hummingbird on her neston the Skywalk; off the blue band, you are standing on clear glass

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Looks good, Auntie. Wish I was there with you....

I wish I could share it all with you. Would you have been bothered by standing over the canyon?

I like the open traffic-free roads - and I see you've been playing with the panorama function on your new camera!!

I actually took a photo of the road ahead and the road behind on the way back to Kingman. We were the only car in either direction for the sightline. And this is a lovely paved 2-lane road! I like the panoramas, but they seem to make a really small pic. Does it show up any bigger when you look at it?

Corr I see the Eagle! and nommy plants and a very scary looking see through floor!

The cliffs were really great; walking on the glass gave me a funny feeling in my tummy. The Hualapai indian we met told us he lives off one of the dirt side roads in the reservation; 52 miles off!

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