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Had our annual joint birthday party for Andy and Louis yesterday; 44 and 15 respectively. It was a great day weather wise and company wise!
We ate food, drank beer, soda and wine, had cake and just an all around generally good time!

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happy birthday to Andy and Louis .
Emy-Rose & Finley
Maud & Thierry

Thank you. I will tell them. <3

Our pet 2-foots say that they are both just bairns.

Well, that's certainly true of Louis; I think Andy feels older; he's still hoping to find someone to love again. Got any friends here across the pond I could introduce him to? :D

Are there not 2-foot sanctuaries that he could look around to see if he could find a suitable doe?

On-line dating; speed dating; get-togethers for singles; all of which require a certain amount of willingness to put yourself out there and risk rejection. Meeting people when you're older is harder than when you're young. Plus, by this age (40's +) everyone has baggage of some kind. It's not as easy as they make it look on t.v.

Well it is certainly true that Mr Andy has some unusual masks...

what a wonderful birthday party! Hoppy Birthday!

Thanks! I will tell them. :)

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