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This is my collection of casino cards from all around the country. It's like a hobby; I get a card from every casino we go to. Yesterday, Ken was feeling trapped in the house by the heat, so he suggested we spend an hour at the local Racino. I said I would risk $20. Well, in the first 5 minutes, I won $92 over and above my $20! So I took my money, bought a bagel and a coffee and people-watched until Ken was ready for lunch. Then we went home. Hooray!

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well ! now you can buy some delicious ice cream .
ps:don't tell to other ,but now Daddy and Mummy have some foaming at the lips ! yuck !they're in love with ice cream !

Funny you should mention that; we are having our grandson over to stay all next week and I just made some Bubble Gum flavored ice cream, at his request! The whole kitchen smelled like DubbleBubble chewing gum! :D

smart way to do it. Hugs

Got to keep those casinos from taking all the money! I try to outsmart them. :D

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