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(no subject)

This small gold chain has a story attached to it. For many years, my Mom wore it with a tiny gold cross suspended from it. Then about 17-18 years ago, she told me she had lost it; she thought inside her hope chest/cedar chest. I searched the chest several times and never found it. Then, my Mom moved in with us, bringing the chest with her. When she moved into a nursing home, we put the chest in our bedroom and kept our own things in it. We opened and closed that chest innumerable times over the next 14 years.
This month, we bought ourselves a portable air conditioner for our bedroom. The only place for it was where the cedar chest stood. So Ken took the lid off and stood it on end in the computer room. This week, we offered it to our daughter-in-law Patty.  Ken and our grandson carried it down stairs and loaded it in Ken's van. Taking it out of the van at Patty's house, the sun glinted off something caught in the bar hinge which held the lid open. Our grandson untangled it and there was the chain my Mom lost so many years ago. I guess the cross must have fallen into some of the things she had in the chest and was thrown out.
I took it to a jeweler and had it repaired and now I wear it; a gift from my Mom across the years and across time. It hung there 18 years waiting to be found!  How strange is that?

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What a wonderful story

Thanks! The whole thing was so unbelievable! The chain is so fine I hesitate to hang anything on it. Maybe if I find a really small cross.

I'm going to find the tiniest of gold crosses to put on the chain, as it's very, very fine. :)

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