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(no subject)
I forgot to mention that in the 10 years since we've been to Hoover Dam, there have been many changes. More and bigger buildings for the tourists and checkpoints, so no one can explode the dam! When we drove thru in our car, we got waved right on thru the checkpoint. But when we drove thru in our r.v. today, we had to let a security guard inside to check all the rooms and Ken had to open alll the outside compartments and the trunk of the car, so they could see we had no bombs! Sometimes I hate modern society! ;p

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I guess they figure you can fit more semtex in a RV than a sedan...

You mean it's not just because we look like harmless retired folk who wouldn't hurt a fly? *_*

Hoover Dam is awesome though any day of the week or time of year. I Hate it we didn't get to go on our trip.. sigh.. Glad yall are having fun!

Hugs, Hare

It really was great; we were awed at how much the water level has gone down in 10 years. Too many people and not enough snow fall. x_X

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