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(no subject)
Well, I have made my way through each room of our house and I've tossed everything that I considered surplus! Now I'm going to sit back and enjoy the neatness! (Since that storm from FL is heading our way this weekend, promising lots of rain, that's probably all I'll be able to do anyhow).

Here's some of my garden flowers. I show them now since the rain and wind may well finish them off before their time! :(

One of my white Peonies.......P6028000
                                                     and one of my red ones.

My black Iris.......P5317991
                           from Sue's garden.

My yellow Iris.......
which I bought from a Japanese Garden many years ago.

and my purple Iris , which came with our house. (I gathered all the flowers that came with and have moved them several times over the years. This is their permanent home now.

If the weather permits, I will be out in my garden on Sunday, grubbing out the weeds. My goal, which I'm close to acheiving, is to have the flowers grow together so thickly that the weeds will not find a foothold!