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(no subject)
I got a little bit of everything done today; started cleaning out the bedroom; weeded my garden; cleaned the computer room; shopped at the plant nursery and made mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Found this hiding amongst my daylilies, just waiting for me to touch it! I put on my latex gloves and RIPPED it out! P6017994
Dastardly plant!
I know all about leaves of three.......

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You might be interested in these pictures we came across. Peregrine hitting a wood pigeon, with a nosy magpie nearby.


Wow! I feel for the pigeon, but everything must eat. Watched a red-shouldered hawk take a pigeon in a mall parking lot; he flew to a ladder on top of a work truck and proceeded to RIP off the pigeons' head, then divest it of it's feathers. I parked behind the truck and watched him. Often wondered what the owner of the truck thought when he found all the blood and feathers in his truck bed.

Magpies are gorgeous. Saw a lot of them in Yosemite Nat. Park. I really like the way the black feathers turn blue in the sunlight. Saw a fox there, also. Nature; I love it!

Poison Ivy; do you not have it where you live? If not, lucky you! I once had quarter-sized blisters from my wrist to my shoulder thanks to PI.

Oh, I've seen Shrikes in FL., just the black, white and grey kind. Watched one once find a nice size grasshopper and impale it on the thorn bush it was sitting on. It's courtship behavior.

Only know of poison ivy through the Rolling Stones song. We don't have it.

Lucky! Sort of like the snakes not making it across the sea to Ireland,I guess. PI is a real pest around these parts. It crops up in the grass and in amongst the flowers. In back of our house, which backs on a Parkway, it grows in huge leaves all upon the pine trees there. The "leaves of three" refers to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, "leaves of three; let it be". A rule of thumb to follow if you're not sure what plant you're looking at.

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