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(no subject)
Today, in the space of a few hours, we went from rainy, damp Spring to full-blown, hot Summer! It almost hit 90 today! Supposed to stay hot for several more days. About time; it's hours away from June!

A friend and I saw "The Great Gatsby"  today and I'm telling you all, don't waste your money! It was slow and annoying to watch. I never did care for Fitzgerald as a writer. The actors all seemed dazed; it was overdone and I almost fell asleep. Don't even rent it!

We had a beautiful Memorial Day weather wise; one good day out of the 3 day weekend. Our daugher-in-laws parents gave a bbq for her birthday; just a few friends and family. Louis was with us and he had a good time with the 3 other pre-teens and teens there.

Ken and Louis practicing their chess competition. Louis is getting very good and comes close to beating Ken now.
Andrea, Dan, Patty's mom and Patty at the birthday bbq
Louis and friends playing beanbag horseshoes
Boys against the girls
Cutting the (delicious) ice cream cake.

Now I'm going downstairs to watch the Mets. They won the first 3 games against the Yankees in the Subway Series! UNBELIEVEABLE!