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Another Summery day! At night it cools down by about 20 degrees for really nice sleeping. I love the cool breezes coming in over the bed!

Visited my old neighbor in her permanent home in a nursing home today; a bit depressing, but she always has a smile on her face.
Then I came home and made the first ice cream of the year, Rum Raisen. It's fun and easy to make and always tastes so good!

Found out today that the pain in my foot I'd been  putting up with since early March (with Ibuprofen every time we hiked) was caused by a sprain (which I didn't suspect) and a pulled tendon (which I did suspect). I acquired it standing in the r.v. as we drove  horrible roads between LA and TX. I was standing to take the pressure of the jouncing off my back, guess I won't do that again! Now I have some nice pills which should calm down the inflammation and knock out the pain. It will be nice to walk without compensating again. The strain was making Everything else in my body complain.

Tonight, I'm posting the very last of my vacation pics, plus a few taken at home. Then it will be back to the occasional bird or flower or family get-together. I hope all of you who looked enjoyed them!P5067899
Practically driving through the clouds in VA.
What a difference regular rain makes in the topography from the arid west to the wet east!
This yellow no-name flower covered vast swaths of the roadsides and the medians in PA
The lush hills of PA.
One of the many ornamental wrought iron fences seen on N.M. ranches
This yummy looking guy was in front of a consignment store in Capitan, N.M. He would look great on our front lawn!
In the Roswell, N.M. campground, we were serenaded by these musical chilies.
I have my cafe in Silver City, N.M. and Ken has his gas station in VA. (We have the money sent directly to N.Y.)
This is a guy from Fredricksburg, TX who I'd really like to get to know better!
I garnered 29 new pins and quite a few magnets and key chains on this trip, from the new places we went. All together, I have about 300 pins from our 14 years of traveling.
Some of my white Wood Hyacinths; I also have pink and blue ones. My Iris and Peonies are just starting; I'll put on some pics as they bloom.
I've got 2 purple Wisteria and one white one. The white one always seems to hide it's blossoms underneath the leaves.
My little bun I bought in a FL consignment store. He's found a home in my Buttercups.

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great pics and a perfect place for BUttercup Bun

Yes, he's enjoying himself out there. :)

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