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Today we left Las Vegas and all the lovely slot machines behind again and drove to Arizona; Kingman, AZ. When we got settled in our KOA, we drove 30 miles to Oatman, thru some of the most spectacular vistas. This area was an old gold mining area. There are still a few mines left, but they are mostly corporate, not private any more. There were lots of classic cars and bikers in Oatman, but the big draw is the wild burros which were left over from the mining days and now wander around the town getting treats from tourists. They own the road (one main street) and don't move out of the way for the cars unless they want to. We saw an old West comedy gunfight, which collects money for charity after they are done. It was a lot of fun. I bought some kettle corn and had to defend it against the burros, which kept head-butting me to get some. Tomorrow, we're going to drive to the Grand Canyon and go out on the Skywalk which the Hualapi Indians have built. I think it is expensive, but we'll do it anyway. You walk out on a curved glass-floored platform, 400 feet above the canyon floor. Could be scary! ^-^back across the state lineMojave Lake above Hoover Damscenes along the wayGet your kicks on Route 66.......,the longest continuous stretch of  Rt. 66 remains of early gold miners houseclassic  car in Oatmanmom and her suckling babythe burros own the roadKen and burro friendthe sticker says No Carrots; it's a nursing babythey wait for people to feed them carrotsone burro for each person!beautiful downtown Oatmanhow's that for a house on a hill? there were too many cars to take pics ofmore burros on the way, I think!they all look like they need sunglasses; they squintthis was the only one without a shaggy coatwaiting for the shootout to startafter this shot, my camera batteries died!

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That looks like an interesting place to visit, Auntie. Furhaps we could go there together some time. I like blue skies. Are there lots of dandelions growing in the canyon too?

Many nummy flowers grow there; the desert dandelions are pretty much like you are used to. I think, though, that I might have to hold you in my arms if we visited the burros. They are rather large and a little pushy. But I would protect you. (=^-^=)

I'd be very happy to be held in your arms, Auntie - but Buncle F is my fursonal protector. I have, and deserve, a full entourage!

Dame Maddie Bun CBE.

I quite agree; you should bring as many of your 2-foot subjects as you require.(=^-^=)

Hey (laughs) What are yall doing on our vacation??????? We talked about the burros for months. cool to see your pics though. and the sky walk is expensive but it is so worth it. The west rim experience is very different from the view most see. The sky walk is great! ENJOY!

Hugs, Hare

We definitely loved the Skywalk. Looking down is an awesome experience. When we saw the burros, there were all those classic cars there,too. We really lucked out. When did you do your trip? Sounds like we all went to the same places.

My husband has been to Vegas and surrounding areas many times. I have been a few. The burros were on our list for the trip we had to cancel.

Last time we went with another couple and had a wonderful time. Went to Bryce Canyon ( there was snow falling that night- so very beautiful) and then Zion, The sky walk, Valley of Fire. We didn't have time for Hoover Dam that trip and have not seen the new road and then you couldn't go down inside the dam. It is a wonderful trip. We both are enjoying your pictures!

We were out there last a couple of years ago.


Have fun & be Careful

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