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Well, it did rain all day yesterday, forcing us to have an indoor bbq, but we had a good time nevertheless. We're hoping to have our grandson next weekend also. I bought some Lawn Darts and I want to play them with him!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day; started off cloudy and grey, but in the afternoon the sun came out and the temperature shot up and it was Summer! Tomorrow and the rest of the week, more rain!

I did get to transplant a lot more iris today, some black, some purple and white, some yellow. Now my garden area out front is full.

I'm coming to the end of my seemingly endless vacation pics! Today, scenes from San Antonio's Sea World, which was a great day!
(That's where I had my excellent roller coaster ride)!

The Orcas were beautifully marked (they almost look like plastic toys) and they were very talented.
We made sure to sit where we would not get drenched by the sea creatures. (Been there, done that).
If we'd had the time, I would have liked to take this water slide ride.
The Beluga whales were awesome! The lady rode into the stadium standing on his head!
Look at that face! How could you not love that?
If you can read the sign, it's telling everyone that Sea World takes note of the constant drought in TX. The fountain is powered by condensation from the air conditioners in the park. Kudos!

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Hope the water slide did not end in the killer whale aquarium ;-)

They took a left turn before they got there. I did notice that all the women had their hair tightly tied up and did not lean over the water when the whale was there. A few years ago, an Orca grabbed one of the performers by her hair and swam around under water with her until she drowned. He may have thought he was playing with her.

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