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(no subject)
Rain again today, but just soft rain, which hopefully will stop by tomorrow so that we can bbq and eat outside. At any rate, we'll have a good time just being together.

Our grandson and I saw the movie "Oblivion" today and it was pretty good. I don't really like Tom Cruise, but he was okay in this one.
There are 2 more science fiction movies coming out this month that I also want to see. Science fiction is my favorite movie genre.

I'm making good headway with posting the rest of my travel pics. Tonight we're watching the Battle of the Flowers parade in San Antonio. The WIT tour leaders got us great bleacher seats right on the front lines and the weather was very co-operative, not too hot and with just a sprinkle of rain to keep it comfy.

There were so many lovely floats, it was hard to choose from my pics as to what to post!
A post-Easter Sunday school float
Quite a few of the rides and floats honored our military
Loads of high school bands and high school bands. I liked this one for all the tubas!
Beautifully caparisoned horses and a great deal of patriotism on parade!
The King on his float; he ws later ejected from the parade for tossing parade medals to the people. Seems it's against the rules.
The horses were finely decorated and dusted with glitter.
There were many decorated carts and wagons and buggies
The Queen and her handmaidens wore comfy shoes and if the crown called " show us your boots" they would lift the skirts of their gowns and show them off.
The Hispanic ladies wore lovely gowns and rode lovely horses.

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It was so much fun! I took so many pics; these are just a small fraction of them.

it's cool to "visit" all the places and see the sights. :)

Now that we're home, I'm sorting through alllllll the many mementos and brochures I've amassed during our 14 years of traveling. I'm going to organize them into file folders and when I'm done, I'm going to look back at them all. :-D

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