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(no subject)
It's been really nice weather for the past few days! I got a little gardening done, walked in the mall today and met my walking friends again, put all my garden decorations outside again (mostly rabbits :-D) and got some more cleaning done and shopping done.

After all the traveling weeks of grilling everything, I'm using my recipes again. Feels good to be really cooking!

We're having our grandson this weekend! And we hope to have all our children over for a bbq on Sunday. Hope the weather holds!

Saw "Iron Man 3" for Mother's Day and will see "Oblivion" with our grandson this Sat. I love science fiction movies!

Stayed up late the last 2 nights, because TCM showed "I Remember Mama"  and "Yankee Doodle Dandy" late at night, 2 movies I can't pass up!

For all you persevering souls (you know who you are) I'm posting some more trip pics. Also, some birds, especially for Freddie_Lop.

In New Mexico, near Roswell
A bloomin' cactus!
The lake in retreat, in the dry months, leaving lots of minerals behind, hence the name.
Audubon's Warbler
Northern Shoveler
American Avocet
Glossy Ibis; there were more of them here than I've seen anywhere in a while
Black-Necked Stilt
Blue-winged Teal
A Snow Goose who was still hanging around, not have gone back North yet! I've only ever seen one other, on Fire Island, N.Y.
Western Meadowlark! One of two I saw at the lake. He was so beautiful and posed willingly for a long time!
He was a delight to watch!

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You are going to barbecue your grandson?

No, he's thin and stringy. I might try for the 2 women across the street, who are exceedingly fat.

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