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Today was a quiet day. It was sunny and cool in the morn, but now it is 86 outside. We did our laundry, then rode 15 miles out of Vegas to see Hoover Dam. We were there in 2000, but there have been a lot of changes since then. We had to go thru a checkpoint, not unlike the ones at the southern borders. And there is a huge parking garage; also a snack bar and gift shop. And when we took the tour, we couldn't go down on the floor with the generators any more, we looked at them from above. There were lots of people there; Summer tourism is beginning to come into full swing. Lake Mead againelectricity sold heregiant cranes for the coming by-pass roadthis was how they climbed the rocks to buildthese carry parts of the new road over the spanthe visitor centerthe old approach to the damHoover Dam spans 2 states, like Lake MeadAZ does not recognize Daylight Savings TIme, so the clocks are the same, though NV is Pacific Time and AZ is Mountain Time.this will be the by-pass road for the Damstate line plaque in middle of Dam looking into Lake Mead behind the Damboaters on Lake Mead; notice the (once) high water markdown the face of the Dam2 of the 4 intake towers that take water from the Lakeescalators to the visitor centerthese turbines go 7 stories down into the Damthe whole Dam, made smalllooking into the Colorado River in front of the Dama testimonial to a faithful dog