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You'll never guess what the weather is like today. That's right! It's raining! Whoo-hoo!

Yesterday was a gorgeous Summer day; sunshine and high temps. I got out in my garden and did some cleanup and weeding. Picked off hundreds of dandelion heads in the backyard.

Later today, we're going to a Mother's Day bbq our son and his wife are giving. We'll shelter from the raindrops somehow.

More laundry today; all the r.v. stuff is finally done. Can't do anything outside today. so I'll post some more vacation pics.......

The road to Capitan in New Mexico. I just love these roads; they go straight as an arrow to the horizon.
We witnessed this whole thing at the 2004 Albuquerque Balloon Festival!
Smokey, before and after his demise.
Smokey and friend
The garden out in the back was filled with these butterflies on the Plum trees
Smokey's grave
A Black Pheobe in Smokey's garden
Smokey in the gift shop. (Breathes there an attraction with soul so dead as to have no gift shop)? :-D

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We have been enjoying the photographs from your trip. Thanks for posting.

I'm glad that you like my travels. Keep on watching; I have a lot of pics left to show you. :-D

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