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(no subject)
The machinations of computers will never cease to annoy me! 4 of my pics and comments were cut off by who knows what! Here they are.....
There are 50 people in the town now and they were all in the bar when we visited it.
This is the "No Scum Allowed" bar; filled with bikers, locals, tourists and us. We had a Corona and lime each and Ken bought a t-shirt. Ice cold beet, the only way I like it.
This sign hung over the bar. The ceiling was papered with dollar bills and the atmosphere was fun.
Don't know why this pic didn't load properly the first time; I hesitate to delete it in case I screw something up. This burro was in the bar where the band was setting up. There was another one painted like a zebra in the ladies room, but i didn't have my camera with me.

That's all for today, I must do some more work! Caio!

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