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Well, in between the downpours today (yes, more rain) we brought in a lot of things from the r.v. All my blue wine bottles are inside, so I can make a blue bottle tree in the yard once I soak the labels off. All the electronics are in and still working fine. The huge Goofy I bought for my daughter-in-law Patty is in and ready to be given away tomorrow when we see everyone for a Mothers Day bbq.

I've got loads of laundry making their way through the washer and dryer; not going to do it all today, however. Sheets, blankets, quilts, towels will wait for another day.

I've called all my friends to let them know we're home and have made plans to see a few next week. We hope to have our grandson over next weekend!

Little by little, things are shifting back into shape. It was so nice to hake a long shower in a spacious shower stall and be able to leave the water running! Lovely to sleep in a bed again where the walls weren't a foot away from the bed! And space! Space to walk around in, stretch out in, get lost in!

The cherry tree has bloomed and is done; the forsythia is done; the redbuds are in full bloom; the azaleas are just opening, as is the wisteria. The tulips are done, but the grape hyacinths and  the wood hyacinths are blooming nicely. I do love my garden!

Continuing our trip, here's more visual art!

Our camp in Valley of Fires State Park in New Mexico
MANY years ago, a nearby volcano erupted and covered all this area in lava
Rock squirrels! They were the cutest things, about the size of a chipmunk. They seemed to greet one another with nose rubs and kisses. We've been here a few times before, but we never saw them!
This is a Pinon Pine, supposed to be about 400 years old.
The lava makes fantastic shapes
When we first came here, you could walk right among the lava. Now they've built a pathway to direct people's feet.
On the way to the ghost town of White Oak, where there's a well-known bar.......
This guy was in El Capitan, on the way. Seems they had a burro decorating contest one year...