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We are back home in New York again! And, yes, we drove through the pouring rain to get here! We only took in what we absolutely needed for today and tomorrow; I'll unpack when it's drier out there.

Then comes the cleaning out and the putting back together. Plus the laundry we've accumulated. Every trip comes with a price, but this trip was so worth it!

I'll do some food shopping tomorrow and call friends to let them know we're back. We both will slowly slide back into our regular routines. Until September......

Here's more travel pics. I'm going to be posting them for a while yet. On this trip, I took 7800+ pics; I deleted 5400 of them as we drove the last few days! Now I've got to find out when is the least busiest time for me to go to Target and print up a dvd!

Quite some years ago, this New Mexican town changed their name from whatever it was, to this, because they loved the t.v. show!
On the road in N.M. winding through the hills
This was a huge sculpture heading us to the El Camino Real Museum near Bosque del Apache, N.M.
Looking down from the entrance hallway
One of the many early influences on the native peoples
Back when the travel to and from Mexico was much less complicated
This was the front of the museum; it was supposed to suggest a ship. It looked out over the surrounding land.
2 free-range cows on the road on our way back from the museum
Sometimes, we like to drive on the air!
Some happy frog musicians in the campground!

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Your journey seemed to be over very quickly this time. We are already looking forward to the next one and waiting to see your pictures.

To us, it seemed lovely and endless. We were gone the usual 4 months and I collected a boatload of new pins from places we went. Firat time out West in 4 yaars. I do love New Mexico.

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