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Well, we slogged thru Virginia and Maryland in the incessant rain and we've ended up today in Pennslyvania, where, lo and behold, it's not raining! And it's warm! And we could open the windows and put on shorts again! Hallelujah!

After all that rain and having to move on because the campgrounds we wanted were flooded, it's a beauty to be in the sun again! 8 days of rain; we were getting ready to build a boat and sail home! (Well, maybe a barge, because we'd have to take the r.v. with us somehow).

Tomorrow, we'll be back in New York and we can begin to unload this home on wheels. Then, little by little, I'll clean it of the sand of Florida, the sand spurs of Texas and the fine grit of New Mexico. We won't be using it again until September, so I can take my time.

Looking around, I'm beginning to realize how many things I bought! I always think I won't buy anything new, but you know how that goes!

Due to limited or no internet reception in quite a few places, I'm very behind in posting all the pics I want to. So, those of you who follow our trips, don't stop looking just yet. Stay tuned and enjoy........P4105061
Near Silver City, New Mexico
This place was wonderful! We clambered all over the formations.
There were a lot of balancing rocks
Everywhere we looked was dramatic!
Look at the little rocks this boulder sits on!
Great country! New Mexico is my favorite state!
" I just want to say this....."   :-D
The Claret Cup Cactus; what a color!
I LOVE this country!
It's amazing how some of these rocks ended up!

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I'm most envious of your travels. Today I should have been heading off on my annual trip to the northern Scottish Highlands but I've had to abort it for this year...

I surely hope you're done with the doctor/dentist things soon! *hugs*

So do I. Sadly my van will have to be sold to fund the toof work - I was hoping to have had one last long trip in the van before waving farewell but c'est la vie...

Wow, that's a shame. It's tough without dental insurance (which I don't have, either).

I've just got my estimate. It's £6,000. Possibly more.

OMG! Will you have to sell your soul or your body? Some years ago, one root canal cost me $1500. I shudder to think what it would be now.

I'm not sure my body would raise much....!

Then your soul; I'm sure that that's worth millions of Pounds. (No English pound symbol on my p.c.)

Humans should have come equipped with teeth like sharks have; lose one, another mover into it's place. Poor design.

that observation was made by another person in the bunny community yesterday - that we should have a fresh new set of gnashers at 40.

Hare, that owl just looked so happy to pose for me! What a face!

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