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This morning, it was 28 outside and 58 inside in wintry Utah. We left in snow flurries, but by the time we dropped a few 1000' in elevation, the sun was out, the sky was blue and it was getting much warmer. We drove into Arizona for a little bit, then into Nevada. Now we are back in Las Vegas, where it is 77 at 7 pm. We've got ourselves another of those 25 hour days, because we're in Mountain time again. We're staying in the same campground as before, Sam's Town, next to the casino. And joy, next to us is one of those tiny pocket dogs who have a shrill, yappy bark. His owners have gone out, leaving him to bark and howl ceaselessly. It's like having a miniature coyote next door. We have done our food shopping and will do our laundry tomorrow. Then perhaps we will see Hoover Dam. It's sooooo nice to be warm again! Mts. on way out of Utah.the snow clouds sit right on top of the peaksthe warm skies of NevadaNevada hillsthere are some stunning formationsa tour group was having their pics taken"V" for VIrgin River Gorgein the Gorge againthe winding Virgin River; this Earth is fantastic!


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This looks like a place I'd like to visit, one day.....

You would love it; mountains and (sometimes) streams and all kinds of flowers and trees. Got to be careful of the flowers, though, every thing in the desert has protective thorns!

The Southwest is my favorite part of the U.S. So much variety and stark beauty.

Very nice pictures of snowy landscapes. We and our 2foots and Iroise we prefer the cold regions.

Scotty, Erin.

Then you would definitely like the mid and upper west states in the winter, fall and spring. Summer is fleeting, sometimes a matter of weeks in some states. There is lots of snow in the mountain passes most of the year. In fact, during the winter, the passes often close and you cannot drive on the roads.

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