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(no subject)
We are in San Antonio, TX now, on the first day of our 8 day mini-rally. Today was an introductory get-together followed by a TX bbq.

Tomorrow, we have a full day of touring missions and the Alamo and dinner in a restaurant overlooking the river where we'll watch the Riverfloat Parade. Most days are going to be very busy; I will post as I get the chance. Tonight, I'm just putting up a few of my many bird pics.
A Ruddy Duck in a lake outside Silver City, N. M. It was windy, so I couldn't get a really clear shot.
Chihuahuan Raven in Silver City
Brewer's  Blackbird; Silver City
2 Chihuahuan Ravens; I call them Laurel and Hardy
Canyon Towhee, Silver City
Grey-headed race of the Dark-Eyed Junco; City of Rocks State Park, N.M.
same little guy
Chihuahuan Raven leaving his mate on their nest; City of Rocks
The parent left on the nest
closeup of the same

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Dad and Mum love the crows ,they are beautiful black birds and so clever .
Emy-rose & Finley

Edited at 2013-04-23 08:25 am (UTC)

They are actually Chihuahuan Ravens, a larger bird than the Crow. Crows are more the eastern part of the country; Ravens are in the west. They are lovely and sleek and loud!

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