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We are back in TX as of today and today is a 23 hour day, since we crossed back into Central time.

The roadsides of New Mexico glitter and shine, not with gold or silver, but with bits of glass. I remember from 4 years ago that it seems to be a N.M. sport to throw bottles from your car as you drive. At least people don't throw them on the road itself!

When we were  on our way to a bird watching blind in Bosque del Apache (Apache Woods) the other day, we heard the descending whistle and the loud explosion of a missile being tested at White Sand Missle Range, which was about 50 miles away. Are we readying for N. Korea? Actually, they practice shooting a lot; sometimes the road in to this place is closed, to prevent any injury to people in the area.

We also passed by the Trinity site, site of the first test of the atom bomb. In the Valley of Fire State Park, where we spent a night, we met a park volunteer who said his grandmother saw and heard the first bomb. She was hanging out laundry before daybreak and thought that the sun was rising very early!

Still hearing all the news from the Boston bombing. Seems as though no place is safe anymore!

We are just traveling the next few days, to get to San Antonio and an 8 day rally we'll be joining. Here's more of my pics for your enjoyment!

New Mexicans decorate everything in a Southwest theme; bridges, roadways, water and gas tanks
Petrified wood from a museum in Las Cruces. I'm always amazed by the lovely colors wood turns into!
Found this guy in a museum in Mesilla, N.M.! Wish I could have taken him home with me!
In Silver CIty, even the street steps were decorated with tiles.
Nice old buildings in Silver City
The S.C. visitor center had this mural, illustrating all the various people who made S.C. what it is today.
Having seen the movie, I thought this was pretty interesting.
It was furnished inside with the things used for this shot in the movie
I like the lower billboard! Somebody needs to love the Earth!
The White-winged Dove that Stevie Nicks sings of; in Silver City
The Cactus Thrush, in Las Cruces, N.M.
Cassin's Finch, in Las Cruces
The Black-throated sparrow? Juvinile?
A lizard; don't ask me his name, with the bright blue belly that shows he's a breeding male, in Deming, N.M.
The dagger yucca, which grows to over 7 feet. Many of the little birds sheltered in there during the heat of the day. Deming, N.M.
The endangered Black Hawk, in Silver City
There is one more nice pic of this hawk, showing the white band on his tail, but the pc has frozen and won't let me upload it, so I'll have to do it next time.

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European house sparrow male.

Thank you much. Sometimes I just can't match them up with what's in my book.

Thanks; sometimes the small birds are hard for me to classify.

Thank you much. Sometimes I can't match them up with what's in my bird book.

wonderful wonderful pics!

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