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We've been in San Antonio, New Mexico for the last 2 days; which is very different from S.A., TX. This is definitely a one horse (maybe 1/2 horse) town. But the campground, while just gravel, a circle carved out of the surrounding brush, has quail and roadrunners, house finches and redwing blackbirds and hummingbirds and rabbits right in it. I can take pics of birds right from the r.v. windows!

Tomorrow, we move on to  Valley of Fire; still in N.M. It's a lot of lava all over the ground!

More of my hundreds of pics!.....P4115327
Ben and Jerry's cannoli ice cream! No more needs to be said!
Took a tour of the old railway station in Las Cruces; this was posted in an old caboose!
One of the many miniature train sets in the railway museum
Very hot that day!
All this is not really sand, but gypsum, which reflects the sun and remains cool no matter how hot the day. This allows people to play in it and slide down it and walk barefoot in it with no pain!
Although it looks arid, there is water 3 feet below the surface. This cottonwood is actually a very tall tree, which, as long as it keeps part of itself above the drifting gypsum, can survive.
A free-range cow we met on the road to Aguirre Springs Park in N.M.
A view in Aguirre Springs; that is the Tularosa Basin.
The road to Las Cruces
A trail on the way to the old sanatorium/hotel in the mountains in Las Cruces
This was the livery stable area, where guests were picked up by carraige to go the rest of the way.
The remains of the hotel/sanatorium. The area is called Dripping Springs, though the spring has become almost non-existant, due to lack of rains for several years. The area is so dry that wood doesn't really rot away.

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Do you ever wildcamp, ie not use campsites? It looks as though there's plenty space on your side of the Pond.

I would never use a site through choice - only when I can't last any longer without a hot shower!

No, it's really not encouraged here; only in Quartzite, AZ where people camp in the desert for the winter. There is a honey wagon which comes around to pump out the black water. We have always liked our comforts; the only place we dry camp is at Montauk Point on Long Island; there are no amenities there. Except for the west, most areas are pretty built up and someone, somewhere, even in the west, owns the land. It's all fenced ranch land.

It's pretty much the same here. Wilding in England and Wales isn't technically legal but it is permitted in a few places.

I follow the albums of a wildcamper who's camped all over the USA and visited some wonderful places. Here's one of his albums: https://picasaweb.google.com/114611728110254134379/CaliforniaToAlaskaAndBack2011

Lovely! The AK ones were very familiar; been to all those places he had pics of. Must have taken the same tour!

Beautiful! Love those panorama shots!

They are a real challange when the wind is blowing (as it does a lot in the west). I end up with a lot of chopped up landscapes!

White sands looks very interesting. i like to see trees being overwhelmed by blowing "sand"

It is a fun place,gets lots of people use. It's not that far from W.S. Missile Range, where Trinity happened and missiles still are shot. In fact, we heard the long descending whistle and the loud explosion of one the other day, walking in Bosque del Apache Wildlife Area.

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