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Being up high in Silver City, N.M. it's been COLD at night (33 last night) and windy and cold in the day. We are at an elevation of almost 6000 feet here and the weather is reflecting it. Yesterday, we had bouts of rain, sleet, snow and hail! We're wearing our winter clothing again! Spring in the high desert!

Since it was so cold, we went to a few museums; the Mimbres Pottery exhibit in Western New Mexico State University and a rock museum nearby. Then we hunikered down inside and drank hot beverages!

This is not snow, but tuff hills in Big Bend; a leftover of old volcanic action.
The old general store by the hot springs in Big Bend; it was very popular here in the 20's and 30's.
These were the living accomodations for the hot springs visitors; very basic.
Cliffs on the way to the hot springs
Pictographs from the people who lived here before the modern visitors
A ?dove? in Big Bend. I can't identify it.
Golden Fronted Woodpecker in Big Bend
Immature Vermilion Flycatcher
A Canyon Wren in B.B.
Ken (and me) having lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Mesilla, TX
Decorated in Mexican style
The decorations always include religious icons
The Day of the Dead, Nov. 1st, is a big holiday in Mexico. Skulls abound.
Chilies, besides being used in cooking, are hung around as decorations.
Our hail of yesterday! Is it Spring yet?

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Difficult to see all the detail of your dove, or guage its size, but Eurasian collared dove perhaps? Do you see them up home yet?

Could be, they are sometimes in that area of TX. I couldn't see any collar because of the way she's sitting. She looks so blue-grey, but that's probably the fault of the camera. They are purely Southern in range, FL over to TX and a bit of the southern mid-western states.

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