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It's been a very windy day here in Silver City; dust warnings issued for those with asthma or breathing problems. Inside the r.v. there is a fine grit over everything! The perks of living in the dry areas!

We've been hiking and birding and seeing all we can see while we're here. There is a lot to keep one occupied in Silver City. Quaint town which is now mostly tourist shops and a few coffee houses.

It's been sunny but a lot cooler; our heater runs all night long and we have all the windows shut by 6 p.m. Tomorrow, there may be rain, so we'll do laundry and go to see the college's collection of local history.

More pics for your enjoyment, I hope!

In Big Bend, TX, the climb up the cliffs to overlook the Rio Grande
The Rio Grande, with the U.S. on the left and Mexico on the right
Once at the top, you can climb down into the canyon and follow the river for a long way
Mexicans, since the border closures of 2001, have ridden/swum across the Rio to sell their handmade (by children) souveniers to the hikers.
The "contraband" which hikers buy; I myself own several things I've bought over the years
The Mexican town of Boquillas; before 9/11 people from Big Bend could be ferried across the Rio to the town, where they rode burros into town to the greetings of the people. Schools were closed for the day and the visitors were feted; visitors bought goods and made the small economy stronger. Boquillas people also came across the border to shop in TX. The border has been closed for 12 years. But in a few weeks, it will at last be opened again, with a new crossing monitored by the Border Patrol, who are everywhere along the borders of the states that border Mexico.
The new gate; we unfortunately were gone before it became operational. :-(
An Ash-throated Flycatcher; Big Bend, TX
The Mexican Jay in Big Bend; the best shot I could get
Juvinile Black-throated Sparrow, Big Bend
Female Pyrrhuloxia, Big Bend
Possible female American Redstart? Big Bend
Female Red-shafted Flicker, Big Bend
Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Big Bend

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