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Hiked the trails in the campground yesterday and hiked in a nearby park, Spring Canyon today. Let me tell you, all the trails are paved with loose gravel and rocks of all sizes, which does not make for easy climbing, especially since my ankle has been sore for a few weeks! Plain old dirt is highly underrated.

We toured the town of Deming yesterday and today and saw it's two museums, then had a wonderful lunch in a cafe. The day today was cool and windy;  too cool to sit in the shade with the wind blowing; too cool to sit in the sun with the wind blowing; too hot to sit in the sun without the wind! But it's very pretty here, in spite of being in the grip of a hard drought for some years. It's a small camp; only about 29 sites scattered over the hillside; nice and quiet.

At night, we look down upon the town of Deming and all it's lights. The loudest sound to be heard is when someone drives over the cattle guard. This is free range country, though I've not seen any cattle. Heard some local folks talking in the cafe; they were saying how dry it is this early in the year and how any cattle are probably being fed, not grazed.

A ranger in Las Cruces told us that agricultural needs there are coming close to having to start using the aquifer water, which is eons of years old and has never been touched. It also is not being replenished, as rain is almost non-existant in these parts. He said that some day, water will be as precious as gold. In one of the museums we went to, there was this on display.....P4024167

It says "Most common mineral and most important of all foods. Exists as a solid, liquid and gas".P3212397
Cardinal in S. Llano River Park, TX.P3212424
The state bird of TX and New Mexico
Homage to the pioneers, ranchers and cowboys of the old days
A deer we were lucky enough to see on a trail in Big Bend, TX
P3243074The Sierra Del Carmen, the boundary between TX and Mexico in Big Bend; for my money, the most beautiful mountain range I've seen.
Just one of the many gorgeous hills in Big Bend
Javelina or Collared Peccary in Big Bend
Grinding holes made by the early inhabitants of Big Bend, in the rocks near the Rio Grande
The view of Deming, N.M. from our hilltop camp. (Some of the campsites are in the right-hand corner).