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We are still in Las Cruces, New Mexico, but tomorrow we leave for Deming, N.M. and Rockhound State Park. We've been hiking in the mountains and plowing uphill through the gravel paths (really hard to walk on). Lots of sun and some welcome breezes. We drink a lot of water and eat power snacks, so we keep on going, like the Energizer bunny!

Here's some more of the things we saw in Texas....

Seen on the beach on Galveston Island

The ferry that took us to G. I.

2 of the many Laughing Gulls who rode with us.
the beach on G.I.
A teapot house, abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.
The Grackles, who've been with us all the way, competing for females
He would sit in the palm tree and rattle his feathers and tap on the fronds loudly to try to draw a female
A small River Otter in FL and.....P3192190
the Giant River Otter in the aquarium on G.I.
He had a good time eating this fish! Look at his claws and his teeth!

Tomorrow I will post some of the many birds we saw in TX!

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I so love all your pics. Makes me hope someday we will get to travel a bit. HUGS

I hope you do, also. In the meantime, I'm glad to have you along on our trips! *hugs*

GRIN! Can we stop for ice cream?

You bet! Ice cream; my favorite food group! Ever had cinnamon or ginger ice cream? I found out in a museum in Mesilla, N.M. that Pancho Villa was addicted to ice cream! :-D

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