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P3242985We are in Las Cruces, New Mexico right now and I'm connected again!

Our days in Big Bend National Park in TX were just wonderful. Lots of hikes (it was actually cool enough to require 2 sweatshirts on all but one day) and lots of fantastic views of plants, flowers, birds, animals, scenery. Big Bend is in my top 3 of Parks, the others being Glacier in Montana and Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

I took so many pics that I'll just put on some at a time for the enjoyment of whomever is a bird lover like myself!

The Vermilion Flycatcher; Big Bend is one of his primary areas of living!
He was hard to get a clear pic of, as he flits back and forth constantly.
He sat in back of our unit quite a lot, eating bugs.
I couldn't get enough of him!
This is the most dramatically colored bird I've seen!

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That is fantastic. Road runner is good too!

I spent so much time snapping pics of the Vermilion. Saw it last time (2009) we were in Big Bend; this is the only place I've seen it. I got a nice pic of the Mountain Jay also, which I'll post tomorrow, I hope. Reception here is slow and things take much longer than they should to do. But I'll get it done! :-D

these are very nice photos, it is a bird that has really beautiful colors.


He's a brilliant bird; I only see him in that area of Texas.

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