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We drove from LA to TX today; now we're on Galveston Island. Couldn't get into the State Park, as it's Spring Break and we did not make reservations. But we're in a private park quite near and tonight they hosted a free hot dog dinner with all the trimmings, including dessert!

This camp is nice; full concrete pads, full hookups and a pool with a spray park for the kids. Tomorrow, we'll tour the Moody Gardens, where there are some great ecosystems inside pyramids. Last time we were there, one of the pyramids was closed due to flooding from a storm. We should be able to see them all this time.

LA and TX do a lot of rice farming and there are lots of flooded fields; also flooded fields where crawfish are raised. Also, every gas station in LA seems to have a small casino attached to it; TX has no casinos.

The weather is now fully Spring; sunny warm days and warm enough nights that we don't need the heater. Hooray!!

I've gotten way behind on my pics; here are some of the older ones which are clogging up my pc!

Ken on a forest walk in Ft. Pierce. (Low bridge; everybody down..)
Horses and riders we met at the start of our walk in the park
Ken's brother and sis-in-law, walking with us
A baby possum we met on the way
One of the beaches in Black River State Park; it was too early in the year and too cold for canoeing!
It was a little warmer, but not warm enough for swimming, like last year
There was a lot of flooding in the park areas
Can't see it from this pic, but the water was moving quite fast

Well, the reception has frozen my pc again so I can't load any more pics right now. Signing off then......

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It's a lovely place. Last year, we floated down the river in a canoe (no paddling required, just go with the current) and got off on some of the sandbars to walk around. We were all set to do the same this year and have lunch on a sandbar, but we were too early in the year. :-P

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