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We've been in Biloxi, MS for the past two days; moving on tomorrow to LA. Just in time; the casinos have gotten more of my money! The newest casino here is Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville; very cute inside; good food in the buffet; but I didn't win! I always have these great expectations.....

I have finally finished reading Les Miserables. I didn't really care for the way it ended, but at least it ended! The main story line was interesting, but there were chapters on the battle of Waterloo, the history of the convent, the background of the Paris street urchin, the makeup of the street thugs language and various other digressive chapters which I waded through but could probably have done without with no loss. Such are the classics!

When we were driving out of the last FL camp, we passed a black squirrel on the road, with a long and silky coat! Never saw one before; couldn't get a pic, but if you want to see what it looked like, there are websites on the Florida Black Squirrel.

Here in Biloxi, where the scars from 2005's Hurricane Katrina are still to be seen in many places on the land, building on the waterside has begun again. I guess if the owners of whatever springs up there get 5 or 10 years before the water takes the structure away, they are happy. Who knows, they could get 50 or 100 years before a Katrina happens again.

I have to show you all my pics of Downtown Disney; I love that place! It's going to expand and become even bigger. I love that there is a part of Disney which is free for the enjoying.

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish and to everyone else!

Brand new balloon ride; it was too windy that day to be flown!
All things Mickey can be bought here!
Outside the Lego store; they have some of the most intricate constructions
High up on the rooftop is Tinkerbell...
Look closely; Stitch is spitting water and the kids stand in the right spot to be spit upon
This Swaroski crystal Cinderella castle costs, yes, $37,500! ( I have it on backorder)
All the major players in Mickey's life
What would life be like if we all weren't a little Goofy from time to time?
This bug-eyed guy keeps watch outside one of the restaurants
Remember Tinkertoy? This is the giant's playset
When it's hot, the kids get to play in the dancing waters
Baby Dumbo! All he needed was courage to fly
There's always some free shows going on; this was a local High School dancing troupe.