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Today was a visiting with family day; our last day with my brother and sister-in-law. We got together in their motel in Cedar City, Utah for long chats and then lunch in a Sizzler restaurant. Then we went to see the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum in the Visitor Center in town. Very nice collection of pics of old pioneers and some of the things that used to belong to them. We both went to relax a while after that; they in their motel and us in our r.v. We got together again for more visiting and dinner in our r.v.; then said our goodbyes while the snow began to fall. They will head to the Northwest tomorrow morning and we will head to the Southwest. It's snowing kind of heavily here right now and getting much colder outside. It's just at the freezing temp right now. I wanted to post a few pics, but something has gone wrong between my camera and my laptop and they refuse to recognize one another. I am trying to figure it out. x_X