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Well, we've been in Black Water State Park for the last 2 days, but it's been much too cold to think about canoeing, even if they were renting, which they're not. It's too early in the year. It is cool here in the day and COLD at night. Last night went down to 36, but thanks to 2 thermal blankets and 2 fleece blankets (which I put on the bed at 3 a.m. because I was freezing) I kept warm.

We took some hikes on the trails today, which are rather short, but since we're in the back of the beyond, that's all there was. Shopped in the town of MIlton (also known as "Scratch Ankle"; don't ask) which has a very nice downtown with about 20 different restaurants. We sat outside and read (I'm almost done with "Les Miserables") until it got too cool, then we repaired indoors to have a beer and some wine before dinner.

Tomorrow, we're off for Biloxie, MS, where I hope it's warmer! For the last 2 weeks, we've had long-pants weather again, with the areas we were in warming up after we left! Seems as though we had all the really warm weather in Jan! Not how it's supposed to be!

Here are just a few of the funny things I see on the road as we drive.......
An Easter rooster by a nursery in Ft. Pierce
Tiki men in Ft. Pierce: I understand that the owner posts political notices on the boards from time to time.
Moving men!
Someone who loves somebody decorated this wall in Ft. Pierce
Is it a real dog or is it Memorex?
This is in the campground near Disney
This was in a local Campers World. It's good to know there's someplace to hide if needed!
Someone who evidently loves all cats!
Fishing; what life's all about!
BBQ; mother's mild down South
An ad for Winn-Dixie stores
This truck said in small print: 1 out 6 people have no access to clean water and a web address where you could see how you could help.

These are not pictures of note, but they pass the time for me when we're driving for hours and hours!

I had hoped to see the comet that was accompanying the new moon yesterday, but all I saw was the moon! On the plus side, yesterday we started Daylight Savings Time and we gained an hour! Sort of made up for all that waiting for our new tires.