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(no subject)
Well, yesterday was a travel day; today was a WAITING day!
We got in touch with a local mechanic yesterday; drove there today at 11 a.m. The 7 tires we needed were supposed to be in store by 11. The tire for my car was there and was put on in about 1/2 hour. The others were not there, so we drove to the nearby Denny's and had a late breakfast/early lunch. Then we drove to the quaint old nearby town of Madison, FL. Drove it's streets and looked at it's lovely old houses. Bought a St. Patrick's Day card for our grandson. Went to the Post Office and mailed that and a few other things.
Rode back to the mechanics to find that the tires were just arriving; it's now 1:30.

Then we sat in the office and read our respective books for the next 3 and 1/2 hours! It took the one man working on our r.v. to change the tires! It's a good thing that the book I had to read was Les Miserables! Since the mechanic was a Firestone place in name only, we did not get the benefit of the fact that the tires were still under warrenty. Moral of the story: always find a registered dealer! A registered dealer would have had a bay to put our r.v. up on and 4 men could have worked on it at once!
So, we told the next camp that we would be a day late and only drove a third of the distance we meant to go today. Tomorrow, we'll make up the rest and hopefully have a canoeing day to enjoy. It's a little bit cooler here now as we're further North.
(Just for the record, I was patient until the last hour, then my patience floated away).

The place we stayed last night was a Yogi Bear/ Jellystone Park. One of Yogi's trains was also sitting at the mechanics....

The water slide is still being built......
Should be great when it's done!
and friends....
Cute, huh!

While driving today, we also passed two buses that seemed to be transporting the Harlem Globetrotters, who are currently appearing around FL!