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(no subject)
Today was strictly a travel day and WHAT a DAY!

We left in mid-morning to spend the night at a camp that would bring us closer to Black River State Park. We were driving along nicely when, about 11:30, two cars, passing us in succession, honked to get our attention and pointed towards our car which was in tow.
Pulling over on the side of the road, we got out to discover that the left rear tire on my car was flat! Those tires are only about 2 years old! So, Ken unloaded the trunk so he could get at the spare. Now, the reason we have a full size spare and not just that donut tire you're given with the car is this.....About 5 years ago, I was the lucky recipient of 3 flat tires in about 4 months! The last time, I had to wait 2 hours for the AAA man, who couldn't find me! Then, I got to drive home 30 miles on the donut at 20 miles per hour (the reccommended speed for donut driving) on a one-lane road, pulling over where I could so people could pass me. When I got home, I said to Ken "I want a full size tire!"
Like carrying an umbrella so it doesn't rain, I have had no flats since then, until today, when the tire paid for it's purchase!

THEN, about 2 hours later, driving along nicely, the front passenger tire on the r.v. blew out! Luckily, we were on the outside lane and Ken pulled us over without a mishap. Now, no one can change an r.v. tire on their own, so we called Winnebago road service and someone local was by our side in about half an hour. In 20 minutes, he had the tire off and the old spare put on. He told us that all of the tires (which are about 8 years old; it's that long since our last r.v. blowout and purchase of all new tires) were getting old and showed signs of tire rot.

So, we stopped at a closer camp. Jellystone Park (Yogi Bear's home) and tomorrow, we will go out and buy 6 new r.v. tires and 1 new car tire. WHAT A DAY!

I missed getting a pic of Ken changing my tire, but here's the r.v.'s treatment....
RIght down to the rim!
The saviour of the road!
He had to work hard to get the r.v. jacked up enough
What is left of the tire! Both the r.v. and car tire are still under warrenty, so we're dragging them with us tomorrow.
Some cute little flowers growing on the roadside; maybe blue-eyed grass?
A large Stinging Nettle just beginning to grow; there was bur grass also, so we had to watch where we walked, both of us being in sandals.