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(no subject)
Hopefully, if the ether cooperates, some more of my flea market purchases!
These things were so much fun; little gel balls that started out the size of seed beads. Soak them in water overnight and they become beautiful squishy marbles for arrangeing flowers or just enjoying for their colors. After about 7 days, they shrank back to seed bead size. I will make them beautiful again when we're home.
My $5 velcro watch; I liked the face a lot.
The consignment store in Fort Pierce that I visit once a year. It's chock full of THINGS!
This was tagged as an "Andy bunny", so I had to buy it!
The cutest and smallest of bunny cups; front.......P3041371
and back
I wanted to buy a silver spoon with a buffalo on it, but the seller wanted too much and wouldn't bargain, so I found this instead at the Drive-in.
That's it! I managed to get all the pics on! Ciao!

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How is Fidel? Is he a noisy frog?

I never heard him make a sound. I've seen him in other parts of FL; they like to sit on things that emit light. I suppose this brings bugs to them more easily than sitting in the dark! We've left that area now; we're not near water any more, so I don't expect to see any more frogs.

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