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Well, we've been having fun on the East coast of FL in spite of the cooler, windy weather. We drove to the Seminole casino in Brighton with the relatives and I turned my $20 into $27! Then we drove to Lightsey's, a good restaurant near Lake Okechobee which has been around a long time. Yummy lunch; if I don't stop eating so much, I'll regret it when my clothes don't fit me!

Wed morn I drove down to the Boca art museum with my sis-in-law where we met her daughter-in-law and one of her daughters. Very nice museum; it had a special exhibit on fashion thru the years, with some lovely (some strange) gowns on display by well-known designers. Great sculpture garden also. Couldn't take pics inside. Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant across the street. (If I don't stop eating....)

Today, took a walk in a nature center with the relatives. Then we had a luscious spaghetti dinner (after already gone to the ice cream parlor for ice cream! If I don't stop....) Played cards after dinner and the guys won handily. Bah!

Plans are up in the air for tomorrow, though I know we're having dinner at their house. (If I don't....)

I still have more Raintree pics to show you......
The Wed afternoon free popcorn wagon!
The road leading to the pool and to our r.v. There are lots of bike riders in Raintree!
Ice cream social night at Raintree: 3 scoops of vanilla, chocolate/butterscotch/caramel sauce, crushed pineapple/strawberries, nuts, whipped cream, cherry on top!
Followed by the Night At The Races; 6 wooden horses with 6 color-matched dice. A roll of the dice moves some or all of the horses forward a certain amount of spaces on the board. Bets are 25 cents.
Carl played a song before each race, then played that trumpet intro you hear at the actual horse races. Note the eagle on his hat!
The man who rolls the dice and the man who keeps him honest.
A lot of the ladies wear decorated hats, just like at the Kentucky Derby. :-D

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