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(no subject)
We are still having cold, windy days here, but the next few are supposed to be better. I'm wearing my Winter clothes for heaven's sake!

Yesterday we went for a walk in the park with my relatives, then back at their house, we played cards for a few hours and ordered pizza for dinner. Left early so I could shower and watch "Once Upon A Time".

Today, a day off for all. I did the laundry, then took my self to the local consignment store for my once-yearly look at all the thousands of items for sale. The store is filled; just enough room to walk between the little booths and nooks. Bought some stuff, naturally. It's hard to resist artfully posed junk!

Some more of the denizens who live in Raintree and a few pics of the view from our r.v. ........
Florida Cooter
Little Blue Heron fishing
Some of the Tilapia in the pond; a very tasty fish!
The Tricolor Heron; I couldn't get a really good shot of him
This little guy was clinging to the outside of the window on the r.v. next to us.
I like the way his footpads show up
Some mornings were quite foggy
and some mornings were crystal clear!
Before the fountains are turned on (you can just see the base floating by the Palm trees' reflection) the water was gorgeous

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what a beautiful place! :)

It really is quite nice and beautifully kept up.

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