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(no subject)
Made by our resident artist!
A nod to all the Canadians who come to FL in the Winter
Pre-show entertainment by George and Betty
Ron "played" the electronic keyboard (which played itself nicely). That's not his real hair; it was a comedy skit.
Schoolmarm Irene told some cute jokes.
Lip-synching to "I Feel Pretty" . That's supposed to be a mirror inbetween them.
The Candy Factory skit from "I Love Lucy"
The Raintree chorus singing (see screen)
Synching to "Hey Bobby", a song about a first date. Some nice dance moves in this one!
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers 50 years after "Islands In the Stream". Good synching and dancing!
The only real singer, Pat, who sang "All The Way"
Being Dean Martin and Foster Brooks in the "Drunken Pilot" skit. (That's not Dean's real hair, either).
The chorus singing (see screen)
The MC's gearing everyone up to sing "Sweet Caroline", the unofficial anthem of Raintree.
Ken got me when the chorus sat down!
"The Ballad of Irving" , the 142nd fastest gun in the West.
The wedding reception song "Take A Chance On Me" from "Mamma Mia"
The Synchronized Swim team, the funniest thing I've seen. This skit was the hit of the show.
They did an Esther Williams thing, behind their "water", diving left and right and coming up to make Busby Berkeley designs in the "water". At one point, they lay on their backs, the "water" was lowered, and all you saw was waving legs with painted toenails.
Synching to "Standing On the Corner"
Brownie doing Walter Brennen's "Old Rivers" He even had Walter's hitching walk down pat
The weakest and least funniest skit, Sally Jessy Raphael and a guest????
The Jack Webb/Johnny Carson skit "The Copper Clapper Caper". Remember?

This is my third and final attempt to post the pics from the Raintree variety show. This is mainly so my brother can see them and anyone else who may not navigate FB. Cross your fingers!!!

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YAY! You finally managed!

That looks like lots of fun!
Love Maria.

We had the best time rehearsing and performing! I can't wait for next year!

looks like it was a total blast!!!

Absolutely! We laughed lots while rehearsing and performing and we had a very appreciative audience. (Captive; we locked the doors). Kidding!

Auntie thank you so much for doing this! It looks loads of fun and reminds Mum of the Music Halls they used to do in the village and she was reminded of recently when all the old photo's were shown for some reason. Lots of lurverly photos of the whole family dressed in all sorts of things :)

Community at its very best.

Augustus xxx

I'm very glad Mum enjoyed! A community is exactly what Raintree is, where everybody knows everybody and we all have a good time! Music Hall is what we are! I can remember going with my Grandfather when I was a little girl and watching Minstrel shows at his lodge, the same sort of thing.

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