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(no subject)
Well, now we're on the East coast and are visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Yesterday we had dinner with them and then played cards for several hours. Yaaayyy!
Today, we went to the local flea market for a few hours; I bought a watch with an unusual dial for $5. Then, after lunch, we walked in a park where we saw lots of flora but no fauna. (This is what usually happens in FL parks). It's still cool outside and we have all our windows shut again.
Tomorrow, my sis-in-law and I are going to the movies; "Quartet", which I told her I didn't mind seeing again. I'll use my gift movie card from my daughter-in-law to treat both of us.

Here's some of my pics from our Raintree stay.....
One of the parent eagles in the nest
Eagle and Grackle; there are dozens of Grackles on the West and East coasts; they are spending the winter here.
One of the horses who share the field with the Eagles
It was a stormy looking sky that day!
This little guy spent the night on my patio chair; when I unfolded it, he slid down inside
He didn't seem to mind my moving him around!
Finally, I placed him on the grass and he soon hopped away.

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How big was the treefrog?

Maybe,,,2-2&1/2 inches from rump to nose. Don't you love his sticky footpads; like ET's fingers!

So how far south are you in Florida? i am trying to identify the treefrog, but I only have a modern book on western species. The one covering the east was written in 1920 and has black and white pics, but good looking maps. I am hoping they will help. Yeah, treefrog sucker pads are good.

We are in Fort Pierce, on the East coast of FL. Hope this helps; I don't have a frog book, but I could look up FL frogs and see what pops up.

Ha! Thats why I could not find it in that book! Looks like you might have been invaded by the Cubans!


You found him! FL is chock full of invasive species; plant, bird and animal.

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