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(no subject)
Well, it's been busy! Tai Chi yesterday morning, shopping, chorus rehearsal from 3 to 4:30, a great visit with my old boss and her boyfriend for coffee, cake and 2 games of Rummikub! Got home too late to want to go online.

Today, line dancing (advanced class; I stumble all around and try to follow people's feet) and then nothing until light, sound, skit and chorus rehearsal tonight at 7 in preparation for the show tomorrow night and Sunday night. I'm hoping we're done by 10 so that I can watch Blue Bloods.

We're coming close to the end of our stay here; leaving next Thurs morning. We've already made our reservations for next year, when we're staying for 6 weeks! (This year was only 5; the previous year was 4; do you see a trend developing here)?

I want to download a t.v. show that I missed last night and then just relax and read until rehearsal time. Tomorrow afternoon is also a dress rehearsal. Having seen most of the skits yesterday, I told Ken not to expect too much for his $5 admission fee. Two of them however, are genuinely funny; the Ballad of Irving and the Synchronized Swimming. I wish I could take pics during the show, but since I'm in it, it's not possible.

Here are a few more bird pics from Raintree. We don't get a great variety of birds in here, but what we do get are nice to see.....

The Red-Shouldered Hawk, about the only one I ever see here in FL.
He was overlooking one of the fish ponds, hoping for dinner
Some interesting pics of the Little Blue Heron sitting on the lamppost by our site
The light was against me in most of these, but he looked good scratching like that.
I love the blue beak!

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Can't Ken use a camera?

I will ask him to try; the synchronized swimming should really be documented.

great pics... I'm glad yall are having fun

The show will be a lot of fun; we keep reminding ourselves that no one is paid and we will have an audience that consists mostly of friends and family. (Don't expect to see us on national t.v. anytime soon). ;-)

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