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(no subject)
Sunday was a cool, windy day again and nobody spent much time outside. We had all the windows closed and the heater on. I got a lot of reading done; thank goodness for the great library here.

Later in the day, Ken and I went to Players' Paradise, a small casino very near here. It had Matchplay, where the venue will match any amount of money you give to them, so that you have double the money to play with. Over the course of 2 days, my contribution of $10 became $48. In FL, you don't win any money, but what you win becomes dollars on your playing card. When you get $25, you can purchase one of several gift cards for stores, restaurants or gas; whatever is on hand at the time. I bought us a gift card for the Elephant Bar, a pretty nice restaurant nearby. We went there tonight and had 2 nice meals, which only cost me $15. It was my Christmas gift to Ken; we always take each other somewhere, rather than buying something. I have enough linguine left for tomorrows' lunch and dinner for me. Ken will be fishing, so I don't have to cook dinner.

Yesterday, I took beginning line dancing, advanced line dancing and a zumba class! I need the exercise to offset the many calories I'm consuming here! We had chorus practice today; 3 more days till the first show!

It's warmed up again, so I think we can leave some windows open tonight. Hooray!

For those who may never have seen it, this is what our unit looks like inside......
The kitchen/dining/living area; the t.v. is front and center.
The bedroom, obviously. I know you don't want to see the bathroom/shower.

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I want to see the bathroom / shower.

No you don't; seen one commode, seen them all.;-)


Next time around; I've already loaded and sized my pics for today. The system here can be slow and what with line dancing, tai chi, chorus rehearsal, food-related things that happen and visiting folks, there's just so much time in my day. Next time, promise!

So will that be before or after your birthday?

It actually will be on my birthday; I only post every other day, because of all the reasons I just listed. I do look at my e-mail every day (except for yesterday, when we went for coffee, cake and games at my ex-bosses home and got back really late). Our variety show here is Sat night and Sun night, but I'll have time Sunday day to go online. I wish I could take some pics of the show, but since I'm sitting there in the chorus, I can't! There are 5 men who are going to do synchronized swimming (think Esther Williams and Busby Berkeley) in swim suits and goggles and shower caps, behind a blue tarp (the ocean). It is the best one of the skits; very funny to see, especially when they dive and form patterns in the "water" ala B.Berkeley.

I think that sharing your personal facilities with the whole world is an excellent birthday present to yourself.

At least you are not indecisive... Or are you?

Menza, menz (or however that's spelt).

I'm jealous, it seems to be bigger and more comfortable than mine.


Nooooo, you have a whole big burrow to run and play in. While we can play (games) in here, we can't run, not more than 10 steps at a time!

Serves you right for line dancing!

You know, I could do line dancing in here; it doesn't take that much space. :-D

Being Ingerlish we only do Morris Dancing.

Equally fun and it's all good exercise, isn't it? Heaven knows I need all the exercise I can get with all the food I've been eating here. After the show Sunday night, there's a pizza party for the cast and crew.

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