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Well, it started out sunny and warm today, though really windy. But now, at 8:30, it's dropped 25 degrees in the last 2 hours and the forcast is for cold and SNOW tomorrow. Luckily, I have my winter boots with me, tho I haven't had to wear them at all yet. Today, while it was sunny, we drove to North Zion Park, also known as Kanob Park, and looked at all the lovely cliffs and rocks; some with large patches of snow on them and some ice, since it is at 6000' elevation. Yesterday, we drove from Nevada to Arizona to Utah, coming back into Mountain time and losing an hour for our first of what will be a series of 23 hour days on our way home. We hung out with my brother and his wife, had lunch together, then went to the Frontier Homestead State Park; some old buildings and wagons and farm implements.  It's going to be very cold tonight, just like when we first started out.  No more wearing of shorts and sandals! ;p  ******This pic is inside the Homestead; the kitchen.the living roomWells Fargo mail coachPortable jail houseconestoga wagon; the prairie schoonera really nice prairie house

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Those mountains or rocks are bee-you-tiff-full!

What a bunderful trip you have taken.
Bruno x

It has been great; seeing my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in 3 years was also much fun. But now, the snow is snowing down from the sky and the temperature is falling like a stone, so tomorrow, we will leave for the warmer weather in the south. We are 6000 feet up in the Utah mountains, so it is still pretty wintery here. I need the sun again. ^-^

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